vijay rupani resigns: Hardik Patel on Vijay Rupani resignation


  • Vijay Rupani resigned from the post of Gujarat CM on Saturday
  • Congress leader Hardik Patel said BJP’s plan to hide the failure
  • MLA said that BJP did the same in Karnataka and Uttarakhand
  • The decision was taken to hide the failure in the electoral states and reduce the anger of the people.

Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani surprised everyone by suddenly resigning on Saturday. However, it is being said that the BJP central leadership has accepted his resignation. After meeting the Governor in the afternoon, Rupani submitted his resignation letter. After this the opposition has become an attacker on BJP.

Congress leader Hardik Patel said that BJP is doing all this to hide its failure. He said that elections are going to be held in Gujarat next year. People have to face the elections, so by changing the CM, he is trying to reduce the displeasure of the people.

‘CM removed to reduce people’s anger’
Hardik Patel said that CM did not do any work in Gujarat. Now one year is left for the election. If he had to change the CM, he would have changed earlier but changed this time when there is one year left for the elections. He removed the CM to quell the anger of the people, to trick them.

Vijay Rupani resigns from the post of Gujarat CM, hints ahead plan

‘…so will the people of Gujarat go to the PM in trouble’
MLA Hardik Patel said that the work of saving the secret government and leaders was going on. CM said that he is not the face of Gujarat, PM is the face. Hardik raised the question that if the PM is the face of the state, will the people from here go to the PM to tell the problems?

‘Will make excuses in elections’
Hardik Patel said that BJP will make excuse by changing the CM. If people raise questions on not working, they will say that CM is new. But people are smart. He did the same thing in Uttarakhand too. Did the same in Karnataka and now removed the CM before the elections in Gujarat.

Hardik Patel

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