Vijay Rupani Resignation: ‘Congress is winning in Gujarat, BJP has accepted Vijay Rupani’s resignation’, claims Hardik Patel take his resignation


  • Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani resigns from his post
  • No concrete reason has been given from the side of BJP and Rupani.
  • Hardik Patel claims – Congress was winning, so Rupani’s resignation was taken

Assembly elections are to be held in Gujarat after about 15 months, but the political turmoil in the state has intensified from now on. Actually, Gujarat CM and BJP leader Vijay Rupani has resigned from his post. Vijay Rupani, who resigned from the post of Chief Minister of Gujarat, came to power on 7 August 2016 in place of Anandiben Patel. Although no concrete reason has been given by the BJP for Rupani’s resignation, Gujarat Congress leader Hardik Patel has made a shocking claim. He said that Congress was winning in the survey of RSS and BJP, hence Vijay Rupani’s resignation was taken.

‘Congress is winning in RSS and BJP survey’
Congress leader Hardik Patel tweeted, ‘Main reason to replace Chief Minister Rupani!! The secret survey of RSS and BJP in August was shocking. Congress got 43% votes and 96-100 seats, BJP got 38% votes and 80-84 seats, AAP got 3% votes and 0 seats, MIME got 1% votes and 0 seats and all independents got 15% votes and 4 seats was being.’

‘Rupani removed for misleading the public’
In another tweet, Congress working president Hardik Patel said- ‘The resignation of the Chief Minister is a decision taken to mislead the people of Gujarat, but the real change will come after the elections next year, when the people will uproot the BJP from power.’

Rupani said – Responsibilities of workers keep changing
Vijay Rupani resigned on Saturday after sitting in the Gujarat chair for 5 years. Neither BJP nor Vijay Rupani has given any concrete reason for the resignation. However, Rupani definitely said that the responsibilities of the workers keep changing with time. Let us tell you that the program was also done on the completion of 5 years of Vijay Rupani as CM.

CR Patil said – I am not in the race for Chief Minister
After the resignation of Vijay Rupani in Gujarat, the political stir has intensified, now the round of speculation about who will be the new CM is also continuing. The discussion of the names of many leaders has started regarding who will be the new Chief Minister. In which the names of Union Minister Mansukh Mandaviya, Purushottam Rupala, State BJP President CR Patil are included. At the same time, CR Patil has put an end to the speculation by separating himself from the race for the post of CM. He released a video saying that I am not in the race for Chief Minister.

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