Viih Tube makes artificial tanning and becomes a joke on the web: ‘Pavor’

After showing the change in the hair when removing the mega hair, Viih Tube shared with the followers that there were made tanning after lymphatic drainage. The result generated a series of jokes on the internet.

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For followers, Viih would have exaggerated the skin tone he achieved with the tanning. On social media, the former BBB explained that she decided to do the procedure after getting up early. “And bronze day too, take the opportunity to do everything since I was awake”, she wrote in Stories.

On Twitter, some netizens joked about the result of Viih’s artificial tanning. “THEto this day I don’t understand these people who live near the beach or have a pool at home and prefer to make fake bronze”, said one. “Nega Viih”, joked another, referring to Nego Dii.

“As natural as daylight,” wrote a third. “ANDit’s even toast”, another one was startled. “Flash promotion pay bronze take skin cancer,” wrote another. “I have a pavooor of that bronze that leaves on the body that white path as if it were beautiful”.

During the New Year, Kéfera went through something similar to get a tanning before going to Gostoso.

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