Viih Tube celebrates Valentine’s Day alongside Eliezer: "Hide for what?"

During Valentine’s Day last Sunday (12/06), influencers and ex-BBBs, HIV Tube and Eliezer, enjoyed the special day together at a spa. Viih Tube used her Instagram to say that she received the invitation to celebrate the date, even though she declared herself single, and took the opportunity.

At first, the youtuber shared the conversation with the spa “Aigai” when he received the invitation and stressed: “What about the boyfriend I don’t have? Worth it for hookup?” she questioned.

After that, she appeared in the company of Eliezer inside a swimming pool, while the two enjoyed the place drinking coconut water. Having fun, Viih showed her company. “That’s it, guys! We’re here relaxing, with massage. With bath. Ah, what are you hiding for?”, she said.

Recently, Viih Tube caught the attention of his Instagram followers by posting a video in which he appears wearing only panties and a bra. By sharing the recording, the ex-BBB took the opportunity to encourage self-love, and fired saying that “you don’t buy beautiful lingerie just to wear with a male”.

Photo: Playback / Instagram

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