Viih Tube and Gabi Martins combine lingerie in a campaign and win a shower of praise

Viih Tube and Gabi Martins explain the concept of the lingerie campaign: ‘Power’

Gabi Martins and Viih Tube explained that the campaign had a single word as a starting point: “power”. When detailing the work, Vitória said that the idea has always been to prove the authenticity and refinement of the pieces: “Very luxury”, defined the influencer, who has just introduced the boyfriend to the family.

Gabi Martins explained that, for her, the beauty of the campaign made her feel even more powerful. “unique experience. I loved it!”, defined the singer. “We are very proud of the work”, added the two.

Viih Tube and Gabi Martins chose favorite lingerie pieces

The prices of the parts used by each vary. The panties chosen by the pair can cost from R$22.99 to R$31.99, depending on the model. The chosen bras cost from R$ 61.99 to R$ 96.99.

In Instagram stories, Viih Tube explained that he developed a special affection for lingerie in the shade of navy blue, something he did not expect. Gabi Martins, on the other hand, said that she cannot let go of the black set.

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