Vignaroli shoots with a Kalashnikov, Raggi makes a hooded swab. 5 Star Gaffe

Rome, January 9, 2022 – Call them, if you want, foolish. Or gaffe. Or, at best, “bizarre words”. The Grillino universe, despite the last moderate dusting of the former premier Giuseppe Conte, has collected millions of millions. With language and behavior. Now there is what shoot Malagrotta with a rifle. Or the former first citizen of the capital who did not understand whether or not he had the vaccine and is caught (mercilessly) while, all wrapped up and anxiously bingeing on his cell phone, he is queuing up in a square in the Roman quarter of Balduina to make a one swab. Not to mention the parliamentarian (now a former grillino) who, in front of the police who block one unauthorized demonstration of the No vax, he says (after having threatened actions in Parliament) “it is not a demonstration, but a march. And the march is an Olympic discipline”. Extreme cases, you will say. Yet, the list is so long and ancient that the doubt arises: won’t it be a DNA problem? Remember the bloodthirsty dictator Pinochet placed in Venezuela instead of Chile by the then vice president of the Chamber Luigi Di Maio (moreover already weak on the subjunctives or certain of having defeated poverty from the balcony of Palazzo Chigi?).

The rest few will have forgotten the famous “chemtrails“. Remember? There were planes flying to emit substances that changed the climate. And then there was the (very complicated) question of antifreeze tomatoes. Not easy to explain. Let’s try. Basically, they would have done a tomato that no longer rot when crossing it with fish (to be precise North Sea cod) through the DNA.
Not to mention the deputy Paolo Bernini who theorized how, conspiracy of conspiracies, in the United States they would insert microchips in human bodies to keep the population under control. And the former deputy Tatiana Basilio which he claimed the existence of sirens?

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Of course, no one is safe from mistakes or blunders. Maybe even those who report them by pillaging the unfortunate, especially if a public figure. However, returning to the strict topicality, it must be said that the last few days have not been stingy with news, precisely, bizarre. The video posted on Facebook by the grillino deputy Stefano Vignaroli, 45, president of the Cparliamentary omission Ecomafie in which he fires Kalashnikov shots one after the other at the shooting range. In the background, the notes of Mother Russia by Iron Maiden, a leading band of “hard” music, heavy metal, flow. There are those who ask Vignaroli to resign. He defends himself and falls from the clouds: “I was with the instructors of the Malagrotta shooting range, all in perfect safety, I don’t understand this clamor. It is mere rhetoric and I have done nothing to be ashamed of”. The grillino exponent has a regular firearms license, to be precise.

And, given that we are struggling with the Quirinal knot, it is impossible not to remember Sara cunial, former militant of the 5 Star Movement and then sent away. She’s a No vax more than convinced and falls within those question marks that anguish the Palace: who will be able to vote? All of them or just who is in good standing?

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