Viewers defied jury: ‘Ukraine won Eurovision on February 24.’

It was the Ukrainian band Kalush Orchestra that on Saturday night could be named winners of this year’s Eurovision.

But if it stood alone to the professional juries in the participating countries, the winner would have been someone else, namely the UK.

This is clear when you dive into the voting numbers that have been announced on Sunday night.

Of the juries in the various countries, Britain with the singer Sam Ryder and the song ‘Space Man’ got 283 points.

Ukraine had not been in second place either. Or in third place.

The jury’s second place went instead to Sweden with 258 points, while Spain would take third place with 231 points.

Ukraine would – if it stood alone to the juries – thus end up in fourth place with 192 points.

According to DR radio host Ole Tøpholm, it is quite expected that Ukraine became this year’s winner, even though the professional jury did not think it was as it should be:

“There was a massive expectation that they would win and it turned out to hold true. Their song went straight to the stomach and was emotional. And music is all about emotions, it’s regardless of mood. That’s why they also got the most out of the viewers’ votes. “

“Ukraine’s victory was secured on February 24,” says Ole Tøpholm, referring to the fact that this was the day Ukraine was invaded by Russia.

He explains that the jury is set in the world to judge singing voices, music, shows in an overall package and not take into account emotions, politics or neighboring countries, as viewers probably do.

“It is quite normal to have a professional jury, we also see this in other entertainment programs, such as X Factor and Wild with Dance,” says Tøpholm.

In Eurovision, the votes are divided equally between the juries and the viewers. And if you look at who the viewers had as a favorite, there is no doubt.

Ukraine received a total of 439 of these – the highest number of viewers in the history of Eurovision – and that was enough to make the country a clear winner.

In second place was the viewers Moldova. They only got 14 points from the professional juries – but from the viewers the country got a full 239 points.

“Precisely because Ukraine’s victory was so massive, the jury does not have much influence. On the other hand, they had it back in 2016, when the viewers voted the Russians in as number one, while the jury had them well down the list, and that meant that they did not win, “says Ole Tøpholm.

The polls also show that Denmark finished 13th in the first semi-final, where ten countries advanced to the final.

Thus, we were a good distance from making it further in the competition.

It is still unknown whether it will be possible at all to hold Eurovision in Ukraine next year due to the ongoing war in the country.

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