VIDEO. United States: an impressive snowstorm hits New York State

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The state of New York, in the United States, has been submerged since Thursday evening by an impressive snowstorm which is expected to continue throughout the weekend.

The images of snowfall hitting New York State are impressive. In a single night, the city of Buffalo in the West of the State, where the storm started, was covered with two meters of snow. The state of emergency was also decreed on Friday, November 18 in the morning.

Heavy snowfall covered the Buffalo region in the United States.
Photo: AFP

The roads are impassable, the visibility is almost zero, a situation which pushes the authorities to ask people to stay at home as much as possible.

This storm is due to a cold snap, amplified by the so-called “lake” effect. The air is particularly icy in this region, which is accustomed to harsh winters. Temperatures dropped 20°C below normal for the seasons. What is more, the proximity to the large lakes aggravates the phenomenon. Passing over the lakes, the air is loaded with humidity and in fact even more substantial snowfalls fall. This weather phenomenon is known as the lake effect. He hadn’t performed in November since 2014.

This episode would even be unprecedented for more than twenty years, according to the channel’s meteorologist CNN. “It has been snowing non-stop for 48 hours. We have rarely seen that here. It is unique for the city”, testifies on TF1 a snowplow driver.

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