VIDEO: the reunion of Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield that all fans expected


Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are two of Marvel’s most beloved actors and now they met again in a fan video. Look!

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone
© GettyAndrew Garfield and Emma Stone

With the premiere of Spider-Man: No Way Home in December of last year the interest in seeing Andrew Garfield with his trilogy he has grown in an abysmal way. Since the actor returned to put on his suit to accompany Tom Holland in his latest film, he has vindicated his character. For years the movies The Amazing Spider-Man They received a great wave of criticism, but now the viewers have shown their interest in seeing them return.

This is because the films of Tobey Maguire, the first Spider-Manthere were three, those of Tom Holland there were also three and only those of Andrew Garfield they were two. That is why, in social networks, a petition of signatures was put together to finish the trilogy of the second peter parker. And, from this, thousands of rumors have emerged about a possible return of Garfield to the MCU, but like everything in the study, it seems that there will be no official confirmation until it is a fact.

Well, if there is something that has characterized Marvel throughout the years is the secrecy surrounding its negotiations and productions. So much so that the fans chose to fulfill their wishes in another way. Recently, a fan video went viral on social networks that showed a moment that everyone is waiting for: the reunion between Gwen, Emma Stone’s character in The Amazing Spider-Man and Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker. This creation, made by a YouTube channel called Movila, shows an alternative post-credits scene from Spider-Man: No Way Home.

In the audiovisual, both characters are seen meeting again after he returns from Tom Holland’s Spider-Man universe to what he believes is his New York. But, being there, he discovers that not everything is what it seems since there he meets again with a destroyed Gwen who holds another version of Peter who is dying. And, without a doubt, this production made with artificial intelligence put together a great premise for a possible The Amazing Spider-Man 3.

However, for this to happen, Garfield and Stone would have to be willing to work together again after their separation not only as characters, but also as a couple off set. Although, to tell the truth, the actors ended in the best way and are still good friends to the point that they are still in contact today. But, at the moment they did not meet again in front of the cameras despite the fact that the fans so wish.

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