Video: Mica Viciconte presented her son Luca on television for the first time

Mica Viciconte Y Fabian Cubero are living a great personal moment after the birth of their son Luca. Also, the media debuted as a panelist in the new program of Ariel Rodríguez Palacios on Telefe, which is why she presented her little baby before the cameras.

Excited, the former champion of “Master Chef Celebrity 3” He entered the studio with the baby in his arms and his companions starred in a tender moment when they were stunned by the little boy’s face.

He’s asleep, but he’s used to the noise because at home we are many there is a lot of noise, there are dogs. Dogs love it, they suck on everything”, the lifeguard began about her son’s routine.

As for the moment when she gave birth to Luca, Viciconte was honest: Childbirth one suffers, it is painful, but when you see that the baby comes out and they put it on your chest you forget everything. Is awesome. You don’t understand much, but when you feel her warmth and she cries, it’s magical”.

Mica Viciconte spoke about the moment she gave birth to her son Luca.

“The first 15 days were chaotic. As a new mother, I had many fears, but apart from that, it was sore and I wouldn’t let anyone touch it.. Later I realized that it was not good for either of us, but especially for him. I was taken out”, express.

And he closed forcefully on the emotions he faced: “Not during the day, but at night I was afraid of not listening to him. She took her pulse, saw if she was breathing. I was scared. I keep doing it, but you get to know it and you know when not and when yes. I was very strict and then I relaxed.”

Watch the moment Mica Viciconte presented her son Luca on TV!

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