Video: María Becerra kissed a fan on the lips at the exit of a show

Since ended his relationship with rushing, Mary Becerra She is focused on her career in music. In the last moment the young woman premiered many songs that became hits and now She is on tour in Spain, where her fans received her with much love.

At the end of one of her recitals, Becerra approached to greet the thousands of followers who were waiting to see her and something unusual happened. In that meeting, the singer surprised everyone by kissing one of the girls on the mouth who was on the other side of the fence.

María Becerra kissed a fan at the end of a show.

A few hours later, the interpreter of “I wish” shared a funny image of that moment and wrote: “Postcards from a show in Spain”.

The photo went viral on the networks and several users expressed their envy. I feel that the request for many peaks is approaching”, “Who could”, “I also want a kiss from you”, “Well imagine that María Becerra gives you a kiss, I’m dying there”, were some of the messages left by fans in the publication.

María Becerra with her fans from Spain.

Also, Tini Stoessel’s friend also kissed a boy who was carrying a sign that read: “I want to be your baby from Spain”, in reference to the singer’s nickname, “La Nena de Argentina”. Then, the artist told in her Instagram stories: “He also earned his little kiss jiji.”

In her official Twitter account, the young woman from Quilmes made a funny warning: “Watch out I’m loose, I’ll cross you there and I’ll eat your mouth.”

María Becerra’s tweet after kissing two of her fans.

Look how the moment was when María Becerra kissed a fan and became a trend!

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