Victoria Mehault (LMvsMonde6) full of self-mockery, she laughs at a detail of her physique

Just recently, Victoria Mehault reacted with humor by revealing her new mouth following the removal of hyaluronic acid from her lips. Indeed, the candidate that we have recently seen in Marseille vs Rest of the World 6 went to her cosmetic surgeon to remove the infamous product that had left her with two huge balls in the middle of her upper lip. As a result, Bastos’ sweetheart wears a more natural face even if it seems that she misses her luscious mouth. Imagine, however, that this is not her only physical complex and for good reason, another detail bothers her.

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Victoria Mehault laughs at her chin – Credit (s): Instagram @victoria_mehault

As you can see in the photo above from her Instagram stories, the pretty blonde frankly admits that her chin is not her favorite thing about home, far from it: “My double chin looks like a mug cake, I can’t anymore” She then said humourously followed by a crying emoji.

If Victoria Mehault who openly made fun of Maddy on social networks is clearly complexed by this part of her face, she still manages to laugh about it and the sharing of this famous snapshot on the Web is proof of this. A humor that his 1.2M followers will certainly appreciate.

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