Victoria Mehault (Les Marseillais) separated from Bastos, she responds to internet users who want her to express herself

Victoria single again and about to join the adventure of the Marseillais? News is falling. And we remind you that it is Bastos who announced their breakup by surprising all the news people. The young man said in particular: “It’s been days that I hope, that I don’t sleep, that I turn everything in my mind and it makes me do bullshit. I don’t understand why she doesn’t speak. But here it is. I’ll talk more. It’s over with Victoria. We had good times and bad times, a lot of bad times. There were a lot of really hard times especially when I wasn’t with her, when I was away . There has never been infidelity “.

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Victoria’s story – Credit (s): Instagram victoria_mehault

Victoria, she still did not speak to evoke this separation … But faced with questions from Internet users, she still wanted to say a few words to them. On her Instagram story, she then wrote: “Friends, I adore you. We share everything here. But here it touches me a lot. Give me a little time. I’d rather try to think about it as little as possible. Please respect that.”

Subsequently, the pretty blonde declares: “Besides at the blogger level and all, try not to identify me please. You can relay without worry, just that I avoid seeing it thank you”. As you may have understood, Victoria is still very saddened by this rupture … She therefore does not want to see the Bastos stories or even publications on their history. Otherwise, Hillary gave birth to a baby boy.

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