Victoria Beckham: Suddenly mother-in-law – but only one is her "posh" enough

Suddenly Victoria Beckham is also a mother-in-law. Who do you think suits her best?

That’s a change: for years, as a mother, she was number one for her sons, but from one day to the next it’s over. Then there are more important women for the boys.

No need to worry: this future daughter-in-law looks up to her

It was certainly good for Victoria Beckham, 48, to read in “Vogue” how Mia Regan, 19, the friend of her son Romeo, 19, raves about her. Mia says every conversation with Victoria is inspirational, “even if I’m just talking to her about what to wear, how to do my nails or what makeup to choose.” Victoria Beckham, who went from girl group singer Posh Spice to designer and style icon, is a kind of role model for her. “It’s nice to have a guide like that,” says Mia Regan modestly.

And with these words she hits Victoria in the heart. Not only because she is so honoring her boyfriend’s mother, but also because Victoria has suffered for years from being underestimated and ridiculed as nouveau riche. That’s why she’s a little stranger to her other daughter-in-law, despite all her love.

Unlike with Mia Regan: That’s why Posh was strangers to Nicola Peltz

American Nicola Peltz, 27, is not easily impressed. The wedding party – Nicola wore a Valentino gown rather than a Victoria Beckham wedding dress – took place at her parents’ $103 million estate. Nicola’s father owns the Snapple soft drink group, his fortune is estimated at $1.7 billion, that of the Beckhams “only” at $400 million. Rich, richer, richest – but not British genteel like Victoria likes it.

That’s why Victoria favors Romeo’s girlfriend

Mia is closer to her there, she doesn’t have a big name in the background and became a model and influencer on her own. Mark Jackson, Vivienne Westwood’s ex-model and muse, says to GALA: “Mia is everyone’s darling. She’s a good listener and never pushes herself into the spotlight.” According to the taste of the former Posh Spice Girl.


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