Victoria Beckham at war with Nicola Peltz: “He hates his son Brooklyn’s wife, they can’t stand each other and don’t talk to each other”

Winds of war in the house Beckham. A source close to the family revealed a Page Six the tensions between the former Posh Spice Victoria Beckham and daughter-in-law Nicola Peltz, the wife of his son Brooklyn: “They can’t stand each other and they don’t talk to each other,” she said. Reportedly, the two would be at loggerheads even before the wedding, indeed, the preparation of the wedding would have been “Horrendous”. Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law would hate each other to the point that Nicola would have prevented her from participating in the organization of the ceremony, held in the family villa in Palm Beach, and this very thing started what is defined by the source as “a petty non-stop drama “. The icing on the cake is the dress chosen by the bride: not a Victoria creation, but rather a Valentino model. A real disgrace to the stylist mother-in-law.

This tense situation that would also be reflecting on the relationship between Brooklyn and his parents, leading to his progressive detachment from the family: “They haven’t talked to him much in recent months “, the source refers to Page Six, also revealing that the straw that would have broken the camel’s back would be the new cover of the British magazine Tatler on which the boy calls his wife “The New Mrs. Beckham”. So much so that now there is the ocean to separate Brooklyn and Nicola (home in Miami) and David and Victoria, based in London. Who knows if knives will fly or it will be possible to mediate for a pacification.

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