Victor Pecoraro’s ex-wife exposes details of betrayal with Rayanne Morais: ‘I have this evidence’

The controversial separation of Victor Pecoraro and Renata Muller gained a new chapter this Wednesday (20). The actor, who confessed that he struck up a romance with Rayanne Morais while he was married, was exposed by a celebrity agent earlier this week. For the first time, the artist’s ex-wife exposed details of the couple’s breakup, which was even quoted for “Power Couple 6”.

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It all started when Victor traveled to the South to film a movie. At the time, Renata assures that everything was fine between the couple. “He started to distance himself a lot from me and I started to charge a lot, because I was alone to take care of our daughters. I started to get annoyed with the stories and photos he was posting with Rayanne,” he reported.

Upon learning of Renata’s discomfort about the excess of intimacy with Rayanne, Victor assured that the relationship was nothing more than friendship. “He said: ‘Imagine, love, you’re crazy, it has nothing to do with it, I wouldn’t be with Rayanne even if I were single. She’s not my type, I’m ten times you than she is,'” he said.


In June, Renata discovered Victor and Rayanne’s relationship through very intimate content. “I found several photos and videos of kisses between the two… When he returned from this trip, after 40 days, he said he was going to spend the weekend in São Paulo with his parents. He took it to meet his parents. I found the pictures, everyone was happy and smiling,” he says.

Even with the evidence, Renata claims that Victor continued to deny the betrayal. “I asked if he was with her, if he had cheated on me, and he denied it. I have this evidence and I hope I don’t have to expose it, but if I do, I will”, he pointed out.

This Thursday (21), Renata returned to social networks. Crying, she reflected on the betrayal and said that she has received many messages from netizens with similar reports.. “I know it’s very difficult for us not to feel bad, failed in our purpose, because we do feel guilty for many things that happened, that we made mistakes in the course of a marriage. But we don’t have to feel that way, because, regardless of anything, nothing justifies”, he pointed out.

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