Victim of grossophobia, Louane confides in the torments of her daily life: "It’s always difficult…"

After several months of discretion, Louane finally signs her big comeback to the delight of her admirers. If she flourishes in music, it is the same in the field of the 7ᵉ art. On May 16, her fans will be able to find her in the mini-series Visions on TF1. For Marie Claire, Louane spoke at length about this new project that was close to her heart. And that’s not all !

The singer will soon find her audience at Great Rex in Paris to host a show called “Corps à cœurs”. By his side, “several artists will question the way they look at their appearance, talk about their self-confidence”. Since she became famous, Florian Rossi’s darling is used to her private life being dissected in the media. On the Web, it can boast of having a benevolent community. Unfortunately, his detractors are never far away. To date, Louane has been the victim of fatphobia several times. A situation that is sometimes difficult to manage.

“Social media has an impact on me…”

“It’s a fairly changing relationship that evolves over the years. Which is pretty complicated too, I think, for most people my age or younger, growing up in our society. Some days I feel great in my sneakers. Others are harder.confessed the mother of Esme. “The relationship to one’s body is a continual self-learning process”.

Like many public figures, the artist loves to interact with his admirers on social networks. Over time, Louane learned to take the good… as well as the bad. “Social media has an impact on me, of course. It’s still difficult psychologically, but they haven’t affected my perception of myself. Well, they were able to have that influence before.”analyzed the main interested party and concluded with philosophy: “Today I learned to let go.”


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