Vicky Xipolitakis sleeps on a mattress on the floor after being evicted from her apartment in Recoleta

Vicky xipolitakis Is living moments of uncertainty as you have nowhere to go, as a result of the imminent eviction that he has to face from the department that lives in Barrio Norte, with his son Salvador Uriel. The reason why the star must abandon the property is the exorbitant debt of 600,000 pesos for rent that they have to pay together with their ex-partner, Javier Naselli.

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On “Us in the morning“, Santiago Zeyen explained the details of the situation that the media is going through. “In the last hours, and during the weekend, he was making the move. Vicky has already assembled the boxes, packed and the place is almost empty“reported the panelist.

In addition, he mentioned that the moving service was achieved through exchange, and this was demonstrated by the model in their networks. “We started with the move! And I want to especially thank @mudanzasmorillas for joining me in this new beginning”He wrote in the post he published.

The bond with the father of her son, Javier Naselli, is characterized by conflicts and legal battles between the twoTherefore, the model takes refuge in the affection of little Salvador Uriel. Zeyen commented that Xipolitakis kept all his belongings in a storage box. “The boxes and their belongings were taken to a warehouse that the moving company has in La Paternal, because Vicky still doesn’t have a place to go”, the journalist said.

Given this information, the panelist added that Vicky sleeps on a mattress on the floor, while evaluating your chances before leaving the department. “Right now, Vicky is in this apartment, sleeping, but the striking thing is that she is surrounded by boxes and with a mattress on the floor. Salvador Uriel wonders where the bed is”, Zeyen concluded.

Look at the problem that Vicky Xipolitakis is going through!

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