Vicki Berlin ready to move to LA: ‘My husband has already said yes’

This summer you can experience Vicki Berlin in something as down to earth as the Odense Sommerrevy. But these days, she’s taking Hollywood by storm as another superstar.

There is constant VIP treatment for the 45-year-old Danish actor, who plays the role of Paula in Ruben Östlund’s film, ‘Triangle of sadness’, which has been nominated for the best film of the year for the Oscar.

“Just when I walk around here people know who I am. It’s a crazy feeling. It’s so crazy, but people have seen the film and they think it’s good,’ she tells BT

Berlin has only been in LA for 24 hours, but she is completely sold. She hopes that with the role in ‘Triangle of sadness’ she can kick doors into Hollywood.

Vicki Berlin is also joined by Zlatko Buric in LA

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“I hope something happens. And if it requires us to move to LA, then my husband (Nikolaj Tarp, ed.) has already said yes,’ she says.

Could you even think of moving over here?

“I don’t want to rule it out. If it could lead to something exciting. Why not,’ she says.

It is also not difficult to be captivated by life as an actor in the City of Angels. BT meets Vicki Berlin at the Sunset Marquis hotel, and she has just come from a so-called ‘luxury lounge’ for Oscar nominees.

Vicki Berlin also met actress Viola Davis during the trip to LA

Vicki Berlin also met actress Viola Davis during the trip to LA

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“There you get a lady who walks around with you and tells others that you are nominated for the Oscars. Then you go around and get products, jewellery, sunglasses, crazy things, travel to Kenya. And then you just get it! I have so many bags of stuff, I don’t know how to get it home,’ she says and adds:

»I got an air fryer! A huge air fryer! I thought how do I get it home? But they just send it. It’s so crazy over here,’ she says, laughing.

She is very impressed by the treatment you get as an actor in the United States.

“Also just walking around there and being someone people want to show around. It’s so crazy,’ she says.

The team behind Ruben Östlund's film 'Triangle of sadness'. 

The team behind Ruben Östlund’s film ‘Triangle of sadness’.

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The journey with the film ‘Triangle of sadness’ has been impressive for the entire team, which also includes the Danish actor Zlatko Buric. The film won the Golden Palms at Cannes in 2022, and on Sunday it could win the Oscar.

“I had expected it to be big in Scandinavia, but not here. It’s so crazy,’ she says.

If the film were to win the Oscar, she must be on stage with the entire film crew.

“I’m so scared that I start to cry. I am so easily moved. I can’t control it at all… I’ll probably start shouting and screaming if we win,’ she says.

But she doesn’t get much time to relax on top of the big party on Sunday. She is going straight home to everyday life on the stone bridge in Copenhagen.

“I play the lead role at Nørrebro’s Theatre, so they had to cancel two performances so that I could come over here. So I land at the airport and drive straight down to the theater. It’s a bit crazy,’ says Vicki Berlin to BT

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