Vicenza, demonstrated in memory of Mussolini: five convicted of apology for fascism. They will have to compensate the Anpi

Not only the convictions for the diehard fascist nostalgics who celebrated the anniversary of the death of Benito Mussolini with his right arm raised, but also compensation for damages to theAnpi, the National Partisan Association of Italy. The judgment issued in Vicenza by judge Luigi Lunardon, who largely accepted the requests of the public prosecutor Maria Elena Pinna, leaves no doubts: the demonstrations that praise the regime of the twenty-year period constitute a crime. Or at least that gathering of a handful of people that took place on was an illicit apology April 28 four years ago in front of the cemetery of the Berico capital.

Five of the seven defendants were sentenced to one month of imprisonment e 120 euro fine, with conditional suspension of the sentence, while for two of them there was acquittal, taking into account the lightness of the fact. They will have to pay 3.400 of legal fees toAnpi that a civil party was filed, as well as compensation for the damage, which will be quantified in civil office. Guilty of violation of the Mancino law of 1993 Domenico “Mimmo” Obrietan, a resident of Sovizzo, a well-known exponent of the far right of Vicenza, as well as former provincial secretary of “The right“. Together with him Gianluca Deghenghi, of Vicenza, exponent of the Social Italy Movement, Natale Riccobene, of Montecchio Maggiore, the Genoese Andrea Viganò and Doriano Broccardo of Santorso. The acquittal concerns Giorgio Caprin and Luca Busato from Vicenza.

The apologists of fascism had first published a obituary in memory of Mussolini on the anniversary of his death (“You are always in our hearts”), then they had recited the rosary in front of the major cemetery of Vicenza. Agents of Digos, obviously warned of the unusual gathering, they then sent a complaint to the prosecutor’s office. L’Anpi of Vicenza had sent a complaint, arguing that the text of the obituary contained an “exaltation of the main exponent of fascism”, while the demonstration had evident contents of apology for the crime in violation of the law of 1952, reaffirmed by the Mancino law of 1993. The demonstration was organized by the associations “Ideal continuity Rsi” and “Families and fallen missing Rsi”. As if this were not enough, the prosecutor recalled, there had been an ostentation of fascist emblems and symbols. Eg, Caprine he would have displayed the flag of the Italian Social Republic, the others had celebrated a ritual that nostalgics cannot give up. “Comrades! Beware! ” one of them said. Then: “Camerata Benito Mussolini!” (repeat three times). And the common answer: “Present!”. “Experience shows – wrote the Anpi, assisted by the lawyer Antonio Giambrone – in the complaint – how often in public events such as the one called at the cemetery, conduct aimed at exalting exponents, principles, facts and methods of fascism is held”. The defendants, defended by the lawyer Maurizio Pasqualon (who announced the appeal), declared themselves innocent.

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