VFelder, embroidery on the heart

It all started in 2019 with t-shirts on which Valérian Felder had fun sewing patterns by hand, simply to give more life to his designs, to transfer them to fabric to make them tangible. Then come his puns which give birth to his most famous series, called “sweet words”. Diversion of proverbs and other known expressions, naughty and licentious allusions, even feminist slogans, its gently subversive glossary evolves according to the inspirations of the young creator. “Put some heart in your spinach”, “Get up with happiness”, “I don’t care the clit”, so many slogans embroidered on the heart that amuse, provoke and, often, serve as a pretext to start a conversation. Messages that last over time, unlike screen-printed or flocked patterns that disappear after a certain number of washes.

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The success is such that the artist now devotes himself 100% to embroidery. During his training in the applied arts, from photography to graphics and typography, Valérian developed his jack-of-all-trades spirit. In addition to his hand-embroidered words, he familiarized himself with new techniques, such as the sewing machine for making larger patterns, or his new rugs in pop colors, in an always second-degree spirit.

Initiation workshops

The 25-year-old passes on his passion by regularly organizing workshops that allow participants to make their own designs. Moments of learning, but also of relaxation and sharing, like during a brunch with friends to personalize clothes for a future baby. If embroidery is experiencing a resurgence of interest, like knitting, its advantage lies above all in its great accessibility, not only thanks to its cheap and space-saving material, but also by the satisfaction of obtaining a result neither too quickly. nor too slowly.

“When you tackle knitting, it takes a while before you see a result, while in embroidery, you are immediately rewarded when you see the design appear,” says Valérian. The exercise requires concentration but is very soothing, we reconnect with simplicity. My thoughts become more fluid during this manual activity. When the hands are gone, my mind wanders. “

VFelder. T-shirts between 50 and 90 francs, rugs from 120 francs, customization of t-shirts and rugs on request. Find all the articles in the section “One day, an idea”.

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