Very Handsome Korean Actors You Can See In K-Dramas On Broadcast

This month was full of dramas of all genres and in each of them, different actors stole the attention of the viewers, not only because of their talent and passion when playing the characters, but also because they looked very handsome on camera. These Korean actors participate in series on the air.

During the month of July, different korean actors They stole the attention of the fans for their great activity on the small screen and it did not take long for the viewers to classify them as the actors. more handsome of the dramas that are in transmission. Do you want to know what they are?

Alchemy Of Souls, Extraordinary Attorney Woo, Why Her? and Remarriage & Desire are the dramas on air that include the most handsome actors that are reason enough to watch their dramas. These are some of those selected by fans of K-Dramas.

Hwang In Yeop, Lee Hyun Wook, Kang Tae Oh, Hwang Min Hyung, and Kang Ki Young are five of the Korean actors who recently stole the public’s attention in dramas that aired in July. What is your favorite?

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Hot Korean Actors You Can See On The Small Screen Right Now

Actor Hwang In Yeop is currently appearing in the drama Why Her?, which is nearing its end. In this history, Hwang In-yeop he plays a law student who is in love with his professor and will do anything for her. You can watch this drama on viki.

Hwang In Yeop in Why Her? // Source: Twitter @hiynation

The actor Lee Hyun Wook Currently appearing in the drama Remarriage & Desire, this drama has just been released and is a story full of intrigues in the midst of the South Korean elite. Popular actress Kim Hee Sun also appears in the drama. Remarriage & Desire you can see it at Netflix.

Lee Hyun Wook in his official poster for Remarriage & Desire. // Source: Twitter @daily_k_drama

kang tae oh he stole everyone’s heart in Extraordinary Attorney Woo. In this drama, the actor plays a sweet lawyer who cannot take his eyes off the protagonist. Extraordinary Attorney Woo you can see it on Netflix.

Kang Tae Oh as Lee Junho in Extraordinary Attorney Woo. // Source: Twitter @Larxback_10

The ex-idol, now an actor Hwang Min-hyun appears in the drama Alchemy of Souls. In this period and fantasy story, the actor plays a genius swordsman who is a romantic and dreams of finding the woman of his dreams. Alchemy of Souls you can see it in doramasflix.

Hwang Minhyun in the drama Alchemy of Souls. // Source: Twitter @glez_yadira

Another of the attractive actors that we can see in Extraordinary Attorney Woo is Kang Ki-young who plays Woo Young Woo’s crew chief. Although he has been seen playing funny characters in previous dramas, he has stolen the hearts of many as the mentor in this drama. You can watch Extraordinary Attorney Woo on Netflix.

Kang Ki Young as a lawyer in Extraordinary Attorney Woo. // Source: Twitter @KashiwagiArina

In other news, Extraordinary Attorney Woo became the most popular series on Netflix right now, did you hear?

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