Very different from Boris: Lilly Becker has a heart for Djokovic

Very different from Boris
Lilly Becker has a heart for Djokovic

For Novak Djokovic, his current hotel stay is anything but planned. He’s stuck and is about to be deported from Australia. There are many supporters of the tough Australian authorities. But also support for the tennis star. About Lilly Becker – who contradicts her ex Boris.

Novak Djokovic is stuck in the hotel in Melbourne and has to wait to see if he can take part in the Australian Open or if he will be expelled from the country. His status as an unvaccinated person in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic is causing a lot of excitement. In Australia and the rest of the world. The tennis star receives a lot of criticism for his skepticism about the vaccination.

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His competitor Rafael Nadal, for example, showed little sympathy for the world number one, who had his visa withdrawn when attempting to enter the airport in Melbourne. “I had Covid, I have been vaccinated twice. If you do that, you have no problem playing here and anywhere in the world. That is the only thing that is clear,” said the Spaniard. Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach criticized Djokovic not behaving like a role model. That a star like Djokovic “doesn’t claim an extra sausage for himself, I think that’s necessary,” he said on RTL.

Djokovic’s ex-trainer, Boris Becker, also spoke out critically. The Serb is making a “big mistake”, said the former tennis professional in a guest post in the “Daily Mail”. “As his former coach, I’m so close to Novak Djokovic that I would almost consider him family – but as in any family, there are sometimes disagreements,” wrote Becker: “And in this case I think he’s making a big mistake, if he doesn’t get vaccinated. ” It is a mistake that also threatens Djokovic’s chance to cement his rank as the greatest player in history.

Disagreement among the ex-couple

But in addition to all the critics, there are also many who show solidarity with Djokovic. Dozens of fans are waiting in front of the quarantine hotel, and there are also protests for the country’s biggest sports star in his homeland, Serbia. And a person with the surname Becker also sticks to Djokovic: Boris Becker’s ex-wife Lilly Becker. The post is now more than 24 hours old and has therefore disappeared from your stories.

The now no longer available entry showed a photo of Becker and the tennis star, the hashtag #westandwithnovak (We stand behind Novak) and a red heart. She also shared a statement from Zoe Harcombe, a controversial Welsh writer and nutritionist. She recently tweeted: “They (the Australian government; editor’s note) put people off, lock them in their homes, deny them basic human rights and then manage to convince these people that Novak Djokovic who is supposed to be bad. “

In Australia there are strict measures in the fight against the coronavirus, for 19 months Australians were only allowed to enter and leave the country with permission. The state of Victoria, in which Melbourne is located, had imposed a 262-day lockdown by the end of October – the longest in the world.

Djokovic had received a controversial exemption from the tournament organizer of the Australian Open for his participation in order to be able to be there as an unvaccinated person. There is now a leaked document showing that Tennis Australia falsely told unvaccinated players that they would be allowed to travel to the Australian Open if they had contracted Covid-19 within the last six months. According to “Herald Sun”, the letter was sent by the tennis association to the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) on December 7th and then forwarded to the players.

Djokovic and his team are said to have applied for a visa with a medical exception, citing a recent Covid infection. At the airport, the Serb’s visa was revoked and entry was not permitted. Since then he has been stuck in the hotel. On Monday, a court is due to hear about his deportation.

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