Very bad surprise for Saskia and Alex during their stay on the Belgian coast: the couple pays 760€ for two beers consumed on the dyke!

Saskia and Alex had a very bad surprise this Sunday while they were in Nieuwpoort for a bike ride. To quench their thirst, the Belgian couple settled on the terrace of a hotel located on the dike to drink a beer. A consumption that was billed to them 7.60 euros… but it is a sum 100 times higher that was debited from their bank account, ie 760 euros!

Fortunately, I had the good idea to keep the ticket Saskia told the Het Laatste Nieuws. ” The bank told me that they could help us only if they started a refund procedure, which would therefore cost us money. “.

The hotel actually made a typo when paying the couple’s bill: ” The hotel apologized but they told me the refund would take several weeks due to paperwork “.

In the meantime, Saskia and Alex have to live with the money in their savings account: ” I hope this problem will be solved soon “. They take the opportunity to warn consumers and suggest that they exercise caution when making electronic payments.

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