Very bad performances of these 3 glorious actors


Oscar-nominated figures have had unfortunate roles or have been part of completely forgettable productions. We tell you about three who had unforgivable jobs.

Hollywood, the mecca of cinema.
© GettyHollywood, the mecca of cinema.

Being a celebrity and having a dedicated career does not guarantee the fact that everything you do in terms of acting, both in film and on television, is infallible. It is full of stories Hollywood of actors who were even nominated for Oscar and they had missteps in their trajectories. Sometimes for money and other times for simply making bad decisions, they made top-level figures have a stain on their resumes.

The list of artists who have made completely forgettable productions reaches figures of the stature of Johnny Depp, meryl streep either Denzel Washington, to mention a few cases. But since spoilers we have three actors who stand out above the rest because of disastrous movies that practically nobody wanted and received terrible returns from critics and audiences alike.

+The actors with the worst movies in Hollywood

3George Clooney

Charismatic like few others and with great work both in front of and behind the camera, Clooney became a symbol of Hollywood. But his career has a stain that even he himself has been able to publicly acknowledge. In 1995 he got the job longed for by many to become a superhero, when he was part of batman and robin. Of course, the result was not the desired one and the film of Joel Schumacher is, for many, the worst adaptation of the Dark Knight.

2 – Will Smith

Today completely overshadowed by what happened in the last installment of The Oscar Awards where he slapped his colleague Chris Rock, Will Smith became synonymous with films for the whole family and great characters, such as The Prince of rap or the Agent J in Men in black. In 2019, a disastrous project titled Gemini Projectwhere he played a character and his much younger clone, in a story full of flaws both in his story and in his staging.

1Robert De Niro

Perhaps, the emblem of the actors who went downhill. How can a person who was in iconic productions like The Godfather Y The Sniper could it end the way it did? Some say that the debts left by his divorce forced him to accept any type of project that brought him closer. Thus, unfortunate films like dirty grandpabeside Zack EfronY war with grandpawhere he even dragged his friend Christopher Walken to be part of.

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