Véronique Mounier: What happens to the host?

PAF can be ruthless and many have experienced it … In the early 2000s, Veronique mounier started a career on the small screen and, quite quickly, it became a staple. She notably animated New look for a new life as well as Love is in the meadow. Passed by M6, TF1, France and even Chérie 25, it has ended up becoming rarer over the years. What is it coming from?

The 49-year-old facilitator resumed studies in 2018 with the aim of obtaining a diploma as a practitioner in nutritherapy and micronutrition. On her Instagram account, she also unveiled in January 2020 the photo of the plate of the medical office she occupies. In caption, she wrote: “What happiness to return to my first love! [elle a un diplôme de docteure en pharmacie de la faculté de Chatenay-Malabry depuis les années 1990, NDLR]. And yes, behind the health journalist and the television host, there has always been a pharmacist (and even a doctor of pharmacy, please!), Passionate about health and well-being. I am proud to announce the opening of my Nutritherapy and Micronutrition practice in Boulogne Billancourt. Wish me luck for this new life that begins.”

Asked by Leisure TV last December, Véronique Mounier came back in more detail on this career change away from the small screen. “There was something like a click in 2018. In addition to the program Sans tabou, for which I really enjoyed doing the interviews after reports, I had to conduct for the return to Chérie 25 a medical program that I had been preparing for months. . And she was close to my heart. The show fell through despite a contract. My father had died the same year, I saw that as signs … But it was running through my head for several seasons“, she assured.

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