Veronika Jeníková on leaving the Practice: BIGGEST MISTAKE OF LIFE!

“Then I was actually always sorry. I often think that I would like to at least run there sometime,” the actress dreamed and added, “I really liked all the people who were there, there was also an impeccable crew and it was great, I remember that time very fondly.” If the phone rang with an offer to return, she would accept it without hesitation and at least erase the biggest acting mistake of her life… She is still close to the medical environment anyway. A role that grew close to her heart prepared her for an unexpected decision. Her love of caring for others even led her to study medicine at the Charles University Faculty of Medicine. “I’m proud that I got to that school at all, and that I took about four exams and some credits. I even have a procedure exam so I can insert urinary catheters and stuff under supervision,” she boasted Jeníkovawho, although she had a great footing, did not finish her studies in the end, also because of the coronavirus pandemic.

See how actress Veronika Jelínková lives

Family caregiver

As for the hobby of caring for others, helping, Veronika has not completely given up after all. “Until now, I am taking care of my parents, who are over eighty years old, which I enjoy very much, and although they are now in a nursing home, I am very happy when I am there and can take care of them and when I can have fun with the people there,” she said about one of the fulfillments of life, which he also takes as a mission. “I’ve always been more inclined towards older people, so I’m very happy,” she adds.

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