Verónica Montes: the uncomfortable questions she answered about Alicia Machado, Mane and Jorge Aravena

It has been a little over two weeks since Telemundo aired the finale of “The home of the famous”(Which had Alicia Machado as the winner), but there is still talk about all the rivalries that the reality show left behind. Peruvian actress Veronica Montes, in a post on Instagram, he was in charge of igniting the flame of controversy by answering some very compromising questions.

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How you remember, The home of the famous brought together 16 television figures and isolated them from the world without contact with their family or friends, in the same vein as “Big Brother”. Participants were under surveillance at all times, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Alicia Machado, Manelyk González, Cristina Eustace, Kelvin Renteria and Pablo Montero arrived at the last chapter; being the Venezuelan actress the winner of the 200 thousand dollars.

Veronica Montes was eliminated from the competition on the November 1 broadcast, thus becoming the tenth famous to come out of the house. His departure, however, was surrounded by great controversy after the famous were punished for plotting against Manelyk and Alicia. In fact, upon leaving, the Peruvian actress said goodbye to her friends Gigi, Cristina, Pablo and Kelvin, but did not say a word about them.

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Verónica Montes was eliminated from the competition in the broadcast of November 1, thus becoming the tenth famous person who left the house (Photo: Verónica Montes / Instagram)


After the end of the reality show, Veronica Montes He used his social networks to put an end to speculation about his relationship with some celebrities who participated in the Telemundo program. The actress posted a video in which she answers questions from her fans; especially with respect to Alicia Machado, Manelyk González and Jorge Aravena. What did he say?

The first question she was asked about on social media was related to Mane. In the clip titled “Questions that ask me a lot” shared on Instagram, fans asked him:

“Are the guards meeting Manelyk?”. Carefree mountains noted: “I Don’t now her”, which translated into Spanish means “I don’t know her.”

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Another question he answered was about the accusation he received from some viewers, who pointed out that Montes gave Alicia Machado drops to sleep. The question “Did you drug Alicia with droplets?” And it was answered by the actress with: “The one who finished them was (Pablo) Montero. I would never give something to someone without their consent “.

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Finally, Verónica answered a question about Jorge Aravena, the Peruvian actor with whom she was related during her participation in “The House of Famous” (Aravena was the fifth eliminated from the program).

“Will there be a meeting with Aravena?”asked a fan of the actress. Montes gave a mischievous answer: “The second parts are always more fun”.

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Venezuelan actress Alicia machado became the winner of the reality show Telemundo with more than 40 million votes of the 61 million cast by the public, according to data released by the television network.

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