Verónica Linares told how she decided to have her first child even though she never “dreamed of being a mother” (VIDEO)

The host of ‘América Noticias’, Verónica Linares was encouraged to tell how she decided to have her first child Fabio during an interview for the Saturday program ‘You are in all’.

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Natalie Vértiz came home to talk with her about her life with her two children Fabio and Antonia, and her partner and father of her children, Alfredo Rivero. There she confessed that she never dreamed of being a mother, her desire arose when she was 30 years old and she went to the gynecologist, who told her that she had a reproductive system from an older woman.

A gynecologist sent me to do some hormone tests. After three months they told me that the results turned out badly: ‘You are like a woman ten years older’. And I was surprised, then she said: ‘But don’t worry, I’m dedicated to fertility …’. And i was in shock”, Said Verónica Linares.

I never thought about the issue of motherhood, however, at that moment I felt: ‘you are not going to be a mother’, then I began to think whether or not I wanted to be, and I was only two years old with Alfredo. I went on my sister and cried. I visited a gynecologist who is my friend and he told me: ‘Let’s wait three months, you clean your body (without taking birth control pills) to see what happens and we do some tests. Meanwhile practice“Added the journalist.

Veronica Linares She spoke to her very nervous partner about having children. “I was not going to ‘blackmail’ him, I had to tell him … Then I told him and he replied: ‘Oh sure, yes’. And after a month I got pregnant”, She pointed out excitedly.

Verónica Linares tells about her first pregnancy


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