Verónica Linares and the day they told her she couldn’t go on the air because she had a makeover

Veronica Linares He opened the doors of his home for the cameras of “You are in all.” The journalist told how her beginnings were in América Televisión and also recalled the bad experience she had with her stylist a day before debuting in driving.

According to the narrator, the host of “América Noticias” had agreed to undergo a makeover at that time, without imagining that the results would leave her on the verge of tears.

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Suddenly my head gets wet and I see that I had hair around here (neck height) I saw myself and I couldn’t even cry because the next day I was going to be sitting in the car. It was horrible!“, lament.

This incident not only brought a bitter taste to her, but also to her boss, who asked her not to air because of her image. “I remember it was winter and I arrived with my chullo and I went to my boss and said: ‘They have changed my look.’ I take off the chullo and he told me, no, he can’t go out like that”, He commented.

“I looked at myself on the screen and it looked horrible. I did not know what product to put on my head so that my hair would grow because I was someone else”Linares pointed out when remembering this episode in his working life.

Verónica Linares remembers her beginnings on América TV:


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