Verona, Tommasi believes in it: “Something is changing. Tosi? It represents the past ”. Sboarina: “He is the Trojan horse of the left”

The ballot for the mayor’s chair of Verona will see the former football player as protagonists Damiano Tommasifor the center-left, and the lawyer Federico Sboarinacard of Brothers of Italyand exponent of a center right that along the way he lost Come on Italy. Only a pre-election poll had indicated this unprecedented and somewhat unexpected challenge as possible. The choice on Tommasi seemed to have fallen almost due to the lack of alternatives on the part of the center left. No party card in your pocket, a sensitivity for shared politics, with references to don Lorenzo Milanithe ostentation of not wanting memberships, had seemed a weak candidate. Instead he made his “invisibility” a strength. Almost no poster, allergy to symbols and flags, has preferred to focus on direct contact with people, in neighborhoods and markets, in associations and on the streets. This is how he settled on 40 percent of the votes in the first round, reversing the trend in a city that has always seemed to have the center-right in its DNA.

During the election campaign Tommasi preferred not to be seen at the rallies of Enrico Letta And Giuseppe Conte. She only met them privately, but she carefully avoided mix-ups, even of images only. How not to blame him given that the candidate of the Democratic Party, five years ago, had not even gone to the ballot? Tommasi made it, on the wave of a desire for change that evidently rests on the clay feet of the outgoing mayor, who has found a rival even in Flavio Tosi, the former mayor who returned after a five-year stopover, given that in 2017 he could not be re-nominated for the third time. Tosi, going over 20 per cent, has certainly stolen votes from Sboarina, who probably paid for a less than optimal municipal management, with parties such as Come on Italy reduced to supporting actors, to the point of preferring a different choice of field.

With Tommasi at 40 percent and Sboarina at 33 percent, everyone is wondering what will happen to second round. Tommasi will go to look for people, not parties, he says: “If I win I promise to ride my bike to the Coppi top on StelvioHe said as a party started at his headquarters. “I am a bit surprised by the gap with the other challengers, this result would be a great victory for the city. Evidently something is changing“. The fact that he will not look for similarities can be deduced from the judgment he gives both of Sboarina and of Tosi: “Both represent the pastwe hope that something new will be chosen “.

The outgoing mayor at this point is forced to seek consensus among the losers. It is difficult to find any at the court of Tosi, even if some of the lists that supported the former Northern League could decide to run on their own. A formal agreement between Sboarina and Tosi appears unlikely, given the harshness of the electoral campaign in which Tosi has never spared attacks on the lawyer. Indeed, for some initiative he has even been sued for defamation. For sure Sboarina will find a support in Alberto Zelgerwhich is endorsed by the People of the Family, a traditionalist organization that is well regarded in the circles of the Veronese right. The first statements after the disappointment let us understand what Sboarina’s line will be: “The game begins one versus one, center-right versus left, between those who have twenty years of administrative experience and those who do not have administrative experience. He is the Trojan horse of the left, of a national left that does not want to see in order not to be able to say that he is the candidate of the left ”. Two fiery weeks begin, because the center-right is playing a command post that counts. Sboarina would be the first mayor of a large northern city that Giorgia Meloni could boast. In any case, the FdI secretary can already celebrate the fact that in Verona her party has almost doubled the votes of the League. The latter is not good news for Matteo Salviniwhich has already lost the battle of Padua in a very evident way.

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