Verona, the City Council cancels three homophobic motions from 1995: the right-wingers leave the classroom. Tommasi: “Important signal”

TO more than 27 years since approvalin the session on Thursday evening, the town Council from Verona chose in a historic vote to cancel three motions from the homophobic content which the same body had launched in the distant 1995. In the first, number 383 of June 13, reference was made to the family as the only one “natural society founded on marriage”. In the second, the 393 of 30 June, it was underlined that “the only family is that constituted by theunion of man and woman and not from cohabitation”. Finally, in the third – the 336 of 14 July – the Council committed the Veronese junta to “do not deliberate measures that tend to equalize rights of homosexual couples to those of “natural” families made up of a man and a woman”. An act, the latter, in open contrast with the resolution of the European Parliament A3-0028/94 approved the previous year, which asked “the Member States, as well as the institutions, to take measures to put an end to any kind of discrimination against lesbians and homosexuals”.

Only the directors of the majority of participated in the vote centre-leftbecause the center-right (with the exception of the councilor of “Verona Domani” Paolo Rossi) has chosen to leave the classroom. The agenda for revocation, with the first signature of the councilor Jessica Cousins (Verona in Comune), was presented by the majority leaders of the Democratic Party, List Tommasi Mayor, Verona in Comune and Traguardi, and approved with 21 votes in favor and one abstention. “Last night’s vote was part of our program and belongs to the current history of Verona”, underlines the mayor Damiano Tommasi, elected last June. “It’s about motions largely outdated by current regulations, but it was significant to give this signal. Let us now look ahead with our idea of ​​an open and inclusive European city. There was no vote against, I think this is significant”.

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