Verona, kills her husband and then goes to confess the murder to the local police: “He beat me”

She killed her husband by stabbing him and with a hammer, then she went to the traffic police and confessed to the murder. “She beat me and betrayed me”, the woman would have told the carabinieri Bussolengoin the Veronese area. Edlaine Ferreira with this motivation, the murder of Francesco Vetrioli, 37-year-old hauler. The crime took place inside their home, in the center of the town. Ferreira, according to what has been reconstructed, hit her spouse in sleep with a hammer, then, he stabbed him, three times in the back and twice at Chest. A blow hit the man at heart.

The two had married since April 2, but they were not known by the neighbors, who did not report any quarrels or disagreements. The woman told the agents about one problematic coexistence: “My husband – she said – beat me and cheated on me repeatedly”. “Around one o’clock the lady rang the bell for our local police, and she said she had killed her husband. She was very agitated “, said the deputy mayor of Bussolengo, Giovanni Amantiawhich has the responsibility for safety.

“Our commander he received it – continued Amantia – and asked that this story be confirmed. She accompanied them to her house, and the agents confirmed what had happened ”. In the house, i reliefswhile the Public minister on duty questioned the woman to reconstruct the dynamic and the reasons of the murder.

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