Verner from StarDance in the end: With this he disappointed his partner

It’s too much for him. Verner (35) begins to feel physical exhaustion. Constant hard training and the pressure of perfect performance on the floor are beginning to sign on it. “I already had a small crisis on Sunday and I canceled my training on Tuesday night,” revealed figure skater for the website. “I’m a little annoyed that I thought I was talented and that things would go fast and they wouldn’t,” he added sadly.

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Figure Skater Verner on StarDance: I don’t know how much pain I can take

His dance partner Kristýna Coufalová she probably wasn’t too excited about it. “I appreciate Kristyna’s time, which she devotes to me and on Tuesday night I was no longer able to come to the rehearsal room and learn to dance, so we translated it on Wednesday morning and then took the rest of the day off because it’s really hard and hats off before to all who manage it, “ he bowed a tribute to all his dance colleagues. We’ll see how he handles Saturday’s rumba.

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