Verdi: “The only alliance is with the Democratic Party, a pact with the M5s is not viable”. New Letta-Bonelli-Fratoianni summit. I dem: “Close by Saturday”

“The National Directorate believes, as already decided by the Federal National Council on 25 July, that thesingle alliance that can effectively counter the extreme right in Italy is that, albeit with all the differences that are known, of a democratic front starting from the Democratic Party. For this reason the National Directorate believes an alliance with the M5s is not viable expressing, at the same time, regret for the failure to reach a broader technical agreement that also included the M5s “. With a note spread around 6pm, Green Europe makes a choice of field in the ballet of potential center-left alliances: there is no coalition with the 5 stars without the Democratic Party. An indirect response to the words of Giuseppe Contewhich on Thursday had accused the green co-spokesman Angelo Bonelli of wanting to “use” the M5s to negotiate with the dem. But also a potential rift in the only red-green list with Italian left from Nicola Fratoianni, which, on the other hand, has never completely closed the door to the “alternative” coalition with the pentastellati. Although Bonelli and the other green co-spokesperson, Eleonora Evithey reassure: “We consider the alliance with the Italian Left to be strategic” and “we feel committed to commonly evaluate the evolution of the current political situation”.

The framework will be defined in the new meeting to be held on Saturday between Bonelli, Fratoianni and the Pd secretary Enrico Letta, after Thursday’s face-to-face ended with the commitment to decide within 48 hours: the three should have seen each other already on Friday evening, but the meeting was postponed. The Rossoverdi ask for commitments on some “programmatic points” contained in a document presented to Letta: no to nuclear powerstructural eco-bonuses, a plan for renewable energiesbrake on gas exports, safeguard of Basic income. An attempt to rebalance the coalition on the left with an agreement parallel to the one (inspired by the so-called Draghi agenda) signed between the Democratic Party and Action / + Europe. However, the tissues from the Nazarene seem almost impatient: “We continue to work for a broader and more plural coalition. We want confirm the agreement with Action and More Europe. And in the evening the secretary Letta will meet Bonelli and Fratoianni. The intention is to close the whole picture by tomorrow. Time is running out“, The message entrusted to the agencies. And Calenda on Twitter gave yet another aut or: “There is no space for them in the coalition, Letta has to decide”.

On the field, however, there is a further unknown: on Saturday, in fact, theassembly online of the three thousand subscribers of the Italian Left which will have to approve the agreement with the Democratic Party, as required by the party’s statute. And the outcome is not at all obvious, if you consider that last Monday, at the end of two days of debate, the same body approved with a majority not too large (65%) the motion that attributed the mandate to Fratoianni a to deal with the dem and centrists. And that a document signed by 300 members in the aftermath of the government crisis asked executives to commit themselves “to promoting a public confrontation with all national political subjects (starting, but not limited to, our allies in Green Europe and the M5S) and local (the many civic experiences and the social left), to overcome mistrust and effectively promote a pole alternative to the right and distinct from the liberal center “. If the text does not meet the expectations of the militants, therefore, a rejection is not excluded: at that point the cartel between the Yes and the Greens could only be wrecked, with unpredictable consequences.

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