‘Verdades Secretas 2’: Without Camila Queiroz, Agatha Moreira and Romulo Estrela record the final scenes of the telenovela. check out

Agatha Moreira and Romulo Estrela shared with their followers some moments from the recordings of the last scenes of “Secret Truths 2”. The duo, who used to form a love triangle with the character of Camila Queiroz, will act with a double in place of Angel.

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The recordings were into the night. “She said the following, that we are the enemies of the end,” joked Romulo, referring to Agatha. “That’s it, it’s over, we’re going to shoot now, the team is over there, you can’t see anyone, it seems like I’m alone here. But there are people here and there are not few people. It’s just the last take. And it’s over. Classes. We came to turn off the light,” said the actor in a series of videos on Instagram’s Stories.

“Recording last take of ‘Secret Truths 2’. The utmost respect to all professionals who tirelessly dedicated themselves to this work. Thank you for helping me bring Cristiano to life, you guys are amazing,” said the actor.

Agatha also made some videos. “In a rhythm of ‘it’s ending.’ Wonderful team,” she said. In others, the actress appears dancing alongside the team.

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