Vera Fischer wears elegant beachwear on a boat trip and impresses her body: ‘What elasticity’

Vera Fischer impressed her followers when she appeared in a swimsuit on a boat trip with friends. On her social network, the 71-year-old actress, always highly praised on the web, squandered good shape and elegance, aboard a black bathing suit and a long beach cover-up. “What a delight to spend a day at sea with close friends! Nothing like the affection of friends and sea water to recharge your energies, right?! It was so delicious!” resemblance to his father, Felipe Camargo.

But a photo in particular right in the middle of the gallery posted by the actress (see all the clicks above!) ended up stealing the show. In the image, Vera appears on top of a floating rug with her legs open in splits. The feat generated comments among the artist’s fans, whose healed belly draws praise.

“What an awesome stretch,” said one fan. “It rocks in the elasticity”, noticed another follower. “Damn, pass the recipe to be so young like this,” asked another. “Most beautiful woman the country has ever had. Goddess! Muse! Legend!” praised another Internet user. “You look great Vera, without forcing anything on your body. Congratulations”, said another.

Vera Fischer reduced alcohol consumption

To get beautiful and healthy at 70, Vera Fischer assumed that she had to make adjustments to her routine over time. If in the past the artist enjoyed life as she wanted, with the right to countless parties, sleepless nights, drugs and excessive alcohol consumption, now Vera says: “I’m whole. Healthier than ever”.

And he revealed that food has always been regulated: “I was born picking vegetables from the garden to eat. There were no pesticides. Nowadays they have organic ones. For God’s sake, buy organic ones. There’s the way you deal with food during the day”.

The artist, then, assured that she no longer plays in excesses as before and spoke about alcohol consumption: “Little, but I drink. My organism is so clean that if I drink a little more, I vomit. My organism can’t take it anymore . Just light stuff”.

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