Venice, 40-year-old worker dies after falling from scaffolding

Michael Davanzoa 40-year-old worker, died after falling from scaffolding on a farm, in Loncon, a fraction of Annone Veneto (Venice). According to the first reconstructions, the man was working for the Genagricola Spanear a wine estate. The health workers arrived on the spot, but they could not help but ascertain the death of the worker for the traumas reported in the fall.

The carabinieri also attended St. Stino of Livenza (Venice) and the Spisal technicians, who are carrying out checks on dynamics and safety measures. The investigation is coordinated by Public Prosecutor’s Office of Pordenone. Susanna Silviamayor of Musile di Piave, the city of residence of the dead worker, showed her closeness in a post on Facebook: “Profoundly grieving I participate in the pain of the family, offering the most heartfelt ones condolences“.

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