Veneto, 7 training credits for journalists who participate in the Il Foglio event. The Order defends itself: “The course has been approved”

L’Order of Journalists of the Veneto for its members it organized on 11 June at Goldoni Theater from Venice an event in which they are announced in total six ministers of the Republic, starting with the inevitable Renato Brunette, which governs the public administration, and which just a few days ago obtained the green light from the Antitrust to become the non-executive president of the new “Venice, the World Capital of Sustainability”. Together with the economics professor, they will be there Enrico Giovannini (Infrastructure and transport), Maria Cristina Messa (University and research), Lorenzo Guerini (Defence), Roberto Cingolani (ecological transition) e Vittorio Colao (Technological innovation and digital transition). As if that were not enough, among the guests too Alessandra PerrazzelliDeputy Director General of the Bank of Italy, Charles FuortesCEO of Rai, Giovanni Di Lorenzodirector of the weekly “Die Zeit”, the former magistrate Carlo Nordio And Alessandra do you driveDeputy Director General of the Information Security Department.

The themes are of great commitment. “Innovate to grow: do not be afraid of the future ”, in the morning with 15 speakers. “From the crisis to opportunity: emergencies as the engine of change ”, in the afternoon, with 10 speakers. But how did the Order of Journalists chaired by Giuliano Gargano to bring many personalities to Venice? Simple, it was not the Order to think and organize it. It simply has done ownfor professional updating purposes, the Innovation Festival 2022annual think tank of the newspaper “The paper”, Now in its fourth edition.

The initiative of the newspaper and his publishing company is passed off as one initiative own. Just swipe the platform for confirmation. The two appointments (for a total of 7 credits) are organized by the Veneto Regional Order of Journalists. AND “The paper“? No reference. Nowhere is it clear that this is not a training course ad hocbut of an event conceived by the newspaper directed by Claudio Cerasa. To understand that it is not a hallucination, just open the information posters of the newspaper. With the emphasis that distinguishes formal-informal appointments, it is announced that early in the morning the “live press review” will be accompanied by “croissants offered by us “. And to entice attendees to stay, a aperitif with the “foglianti”, or the editors of Sheetdirector in the lead.

Yet something out of place in this organizational-communicative combination between a professional Order (which has banned the training courses organized by companies private) and the initiative of a private newspaper. In the newsletter number 9/2022, the Veneto Odg announces, in fact, that it has prepared “the two courses in collaboration with The daily sheet“. To solve the mystery, has contacted the president Giuliano Gargano. Are the courses yours? “Il Foglio asked us if we were interested to make it a refresher course “. But why do you attribute to yourselves the authorship – which you do not have – of the editorial-cultural initiative of a newspaper, however prestigious? “We have activated the Committee of the National Order of Journalists which deals with trainingto which we have submitted the program, which has been approved. That’s all”. Journalists usually ask questions, in this case the opportunity would lend itself to discussing war and PNRR, the Milan-Cortina Olympics and infrastructures, environment and justice, but the format of the meeting does not provide for them at all. Isn’t it that the training course is only used to fill Goldoni’s armchairs? “For that matter, given the heat, I think journalists will prefer to go to the sea… “. And the discussion that isn’t there? “I attended courses where colleagues spent hours watching the mobile phone… “. Yet someone a Venice did not like and controversially posed the question within the Regional Council of Journalists.

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