Veldman enjoys his job at Anderlecht: ‘Youth coach at Ajax a year and a half ago’

Former Ajax youth coach Robin Veldman enjoys his job as head coach of the troubled RSC Anderlecht. The team is eleventh in the Belgian league and has no fewer than 23 points less than current leader KRC Genk. A painful ranking and so there is work to be done, but at the same time Veldman also enjoys his job.

After the dismissal of trainer Felice Mazzù at the end of October, Veldman was put forward from the reserves as the new head coach of the top club from Brussels. The team is now eleventh and Veldman calls that ranking ‘very painful’. “Especially for a club that is expected to compete for the title every year,” Veldman says General Journal. A comparison with Ajax is quickly made. “If Alfred Schreuder finishes third, it will also be restless.”

Veldman’s coaching career has progressed quickly in recent years. You can say: it goes fast. For example, I was a youth coach at Ajax a year and a half ago. But this was of course a unique opportunity. Especially for someone with ambitions’, says Veldman, who had zero experience at the highest level. However, he is not nervous about it. “It wasn’t that I couldn’t function because of the tension. But of course you feel it. Not surprising: at Ajax I walked from the dressing room across the parking lot, without anyone seeing me. Here I come out of the catacombs and 25,000 people look at me. That is exciting, but also fun.’

Veldman also enjoys his job as trainer of RSC Anderlecht. ‘Certainly. And I’m not alone,” he says. ‘Take my first match, against Bucharest. My father had started work at half past four in the morning on purpose. So that he could be present later in the day in Brussels, together with my mother, at my debut. My wife, brother-in-law and children were also in the stands. It’s just a pity that my grandfather, now deceased, couldn’t be there. He was a real football man, spent years at the box office at Sportpark De Punt. I immediately thought of him when we came up 2-1.’

‘My dream club is sc Heerenveen’

Veldman is doing well at RSC Anderlecht for the time being, although he does have a dream club for the future. “My dream is to become head coach of sc Heerenveen one day,” says Veldman, who was previously a youth coach and video analyst of the first team at the Frisian club. At least he is no longer unknown. “Yes, they know who I am now, but they don’t know me yet. That’s a big difference. But I can imagine that they think: they can’t just put someone of 36 at the helm at such a big club, can they?’

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