Vegan advent calendar: purely plant-based surprises are hidden behind these little doors

Vegan advent calendar
Purely plant-based surprises are hidden behind these little doors

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Are you looking for an advent calendar without animal products? Fortunately, there is a large selection of vegan advent calendars. Here you will find our favourites.

Whether for the sake of the environment, animal welfare or your own health: the number of vegan people has been increasing for years. The vegan diet not only avoids meat and fish, but also animal foods such as milk, cheese, eggs, honey and gelatine. The conventional chocolate advent calendars are therefore not an option for vegans. Luckily there are numerous delicious vegan alternatives. Here you will find a varied selection.

Vegan advent calendar 2022: Our favourites

Advent calendar from Lindt

The classic Chocolate Advent Calendar Of course there is also a vegan version – for example from Lindt HELLO. 24 delicious surprises made from oat drink chocolate are waiting for you behind the little doors. The calendar also makes a great gift.

Advent calendar from NOMO

Perfect for people with intolerances: The Advent calendar from NOMO is not only vegan, but also gluten-free and contains no nuts. In addition, the delicious chocolate is made from Rainforest Alliance-certified cocoa.

Advent calendar from Foodist

The vegan Advent calendar from Foodist is exactly the right choice for everyone who enjoys varied and healthy snacks. Behind the 24 doors are cookies, bars, spices and spreads made from natural ingredients and without refined sugar. You will also receive a booklet with vegan recipe ideas for Christmas with the calendar.

Advent calendar from Seeberger

Do you love nuts? Then this one Seeberger advent calendar just right for you! It’s packed with crunchy almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, dried fruit, energy balls and many other delicious surprises with no added sugar or salt. Perfect for the little hunger in between.

Superfood advent calendar

Healthy and delicious: In dem Superfood advent calendar you will find fruits, nuts and seeds in organic quality for every day. With the purchase you also make a social contribution, because the calendar is lovingly handcrafted by people with disabilities.

Advent calendar from Veganz

Of the Veganz advent calendar is packed with delicious vegan delicacies such as chocolate bars, biscuits and various sweets. The products are not only vegan, but also lactose-free and certified organic.

Tea advent calendar

With a Tea advent calendar you can get to know a new variety every day. Maybe your new favorite tea is hidden behind one of the 24 little doors. The 24 Days of Tea calendar contains a selection of the finest teas in practical pyramid bags.

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