Veendorp saw Ajax doubting: “If you can do that, you have done well”

Keziah Veendorp, player of FC Emmen, left the field with his head held high last Saturday. Still, the midfielder felt that there was more to be gained against Ajax. The team from Amsterdam played a 3-3 draw against Emmen. With that Ajax gave away a 1-3 lead.

Veendorp is first and foremost proud of its team. “If you come back after a 1-3 deficit against the national champion, you have to be satisfied,” the player tells RTV Drenthe. Nevertheless, Veendorp sees that there may have been more to be gained. “But we just had good chances for more.”

‘It may sound crazy, but when the referee whistled, I was like: we should have pulled him over the line’, says Veendorp. In addition, the midfielder sees that Ajax has had a hard time. “You can tell the feeling isn’t quite right with them, even though they got to 1-3 very easily after we got off to a great start.”

Doubting Ajax

Yet faith has never disappeared among the people of Emmen. ‘But at halftime we really still had the idea that there was a result in it.’ Veendorp then says that he saw that Ajax was starting to doubt more and more. ‘If you manage to do that, you’ve done well’, says Veendorp.

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