Vassallo murder, 9 suspects for the death of the “fisherman mayor”. The Prosecutor: “Ten years ago investigations aimed at foreign subjects”

Murder and criminal association aimed at drug trafficking: these are the crimes investigated by the carabinieri of the Ros of Rome and those of Salerno who are carrying out a search decree against nine suspects in various ways involved in the killing of Angelo Vassallo, the first citizen of Pollica, in the Salerno area. The “fisher mayor” who had not bowed to the Camorra. The investigative hypothesis is that Vassallo was killed because he wanted to reveal a drug trafficking that gravitated around the tourist port from Acciaroli of which he had come to know.

In the phase immediately following the murder of Vassallo, the September 5, 2010a series of investigative activities which had the effect of “directing investigations towards subjects who were later found totally unrelated to the criminal episode “. This is what we read in a note from the Public Prosecutor of Salerno which gives notice of the execution of the decree of search against the 9 suspects. The investigations of the Dda of Salerno also focused on the development and the real purposes of these investigative activities, carried out “in the phase immediately following the commission of the crime, in absence of delegation by this Public Prosecutor’s Office responsible for ascertaining the facts “.

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