Vasil Draganov’s ex-wife: I didn’t know he had a lover

“I didn’t know that Vasil had a lover. While we were married, we never talked about such a thing. I had no idea,” the ex-partner of the actor Vasil Draganov told Bulgaria Today. She added that she found out about the new thrill of her popular ex-husband from the media.

After the scandals with his wife, it turned out that Draganov had fallen in love with his colleague Eva Tepavicharova.

After the dramatic divorce and the exchange of accusations on all major BG media, the star of “The Comedians” and the journalist have apparently decided to tame the ball for the sake of their common children, Love and David. Andrea told the newspaper that this is the most important reason for her as a mother not to continue with interviews and comments on the topic. “Thank you to your publication for your fair position,” said the former BNT reporter.

Andrea is happy with her new chosen one – restaurateur Borislav Manov

The ex-wife of the screen actor Radko Chekanov confided that she is currently on vacation with the new man next to her – the capital restaurateur Borislav Manov. Only for the newspaper, he revealed how much he loves Andrea, but in his words, it was very ugly for the popular comedian “to spread dirty shirts in the media”. In June, as Andrea first boasted in “Bulgaria Today”, the couple is expecting the birth of their daughter.

“I have a wonderful relationship with my children from Vasil. We see each other all the time. I don’t want to hurt them. For me, the main thing is that they be happy and not turn against me or their father. At all costs, I have to preserve the psyche them, because David is still small,” Draganov’s ex-partner is concerned.

Vasil Draganov and his colleague Eva Tepavicharova are close even off-screen
Vasil Draganov and his colleague Eva Tepavicharova are close even off-screen

We remind you that the famous comedian was the first to lift the veil over his difficult breakup with his spouse in front of Luba Pashova in the BNT studio. He called Andrea’s chosen one “grandpa” and “kebab guy”, she did not owe him either. Now both have found happiness with new partners and now categorically refuse to participate in a live continuation of the show “Family Wars”.

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