Various reactions at the end of "The fringe": "I’m confused"

On Wednesday, May 4, the fifth and final season of “El marginal” premiered. After a long wait, fans of the series were able to find out what the end of fiction was. However, they were surprised by how the story ends.

According to several Twitter users, they did not understand how God, character played by Nicolas Furtado, and Borgescharacter played by Claudio Rissi, they ended the series after everything they went through. As is often the case today, they expressed what they felt through memes.

Some of the messages were: “Me crying like an idiot at the end of El Marginal and they play Mario and Diosito dancing cumbia”, “How the end of El Marginal killed me. I was expecting something like that because it was the end, but it hurt.”

The actors also told what the recordings were like and the set where they filmed the fiction. Juan Minujín assured that “It was a scum” since it was just as they looked on the screen. As well as the great work team they were.

Juan Minujín acting in ' <a href=The Marginal’.” data-height=”-1″ data-size=”w:-1,h:-1″ data-width=”-1″ hspace=”5″ src=”https://www.” title=”Juan Minujín acting in ‘El Marginal’.” vspace=”5″>
Juan Minujín acting in “El Marginal”.

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