Vargala against Doni, Maria Ilieva against Gloria of “Levski” – CSKA and more „

A bunch of stars are expected to visit the National Stadium on Sunday, when the final for the Cup between Levski and CSKA. Vladi Vargala and Doni, as well as other celebrities, are expected to fight against each other.

There are also those who, although they want to, will not be able to watch the match. Commitments to “Eurovision” will prevent Zdravko from “Rhyton” to watch the final of the Cup of Bulgaria between his favorite CSKA-Sofia and “Levski”.

The musician is one of the most popular fans of the “reds” and almost never misses a match of the team from Boris’s Garden. But on the most important for this season he will be busy and will not be at the stadium.

Zdravko has a work commitment during the match

“I am a jury member of Eurovision and I will have to miss the match. I will watch a recording of the match only if CSKA wins. The team does not play well in the last matches. But the final is the final. The chances are 50/50,” said the riton.

Another popular “army man” Toncho Tokmakchiev he will also not be at the Vasil Levski Stadium to support his favorite team. The actor will be abroad on Sunday when the finale.

“I will not be in Bulgaria for the meeting,” he told Bulgaria Today Tokmakchiev. “I’ll probably follow him in real time.” We no longer live in those good times, but in modern ones. There is internet and nothing can be missed. I think that my favorite CSKA will make me happy with a victory. I would not hire to give an exact result “, added the popular” red “fan Tokmakchiev.

Toncho Tokmakchiev will not watch the match

Toncho Tokmakchiev will not watch the match

Singer Donnie will also keep his fingers crossed for his favorite CSKA-Sofia. The musician is a passionate fan of the “Army”. The actor is also on the team of celebrities who support the “Army” Yavor Bakharov, Ivan Garelov, the singer Maria Ilievachess player Veselin Topalov and other native stars.

One of the most emblematic fans of “Levski” Vladi Vargala hopes to be at the stadium to watch the eternal derby. The actor, who has tried several times to save his favorite team with various campaigns, has not yet received his ticket. As is known, the securities for the “blue” sectors ran out in less than 10 minutes.

Vurgala hopes

Vargala hopes “Levski” will finally break the ordeal and take the trophy

“I will go to the stadium at 99.9%. The idea is to be there. So far I don’t have the ticket in my pocket, I haven’t taken it yet, but I have it,” Vargala told the newspaper. At the stadium, he will be in the company of loyal comrades, including other actors, musicians and show business people. Vargala revealed that whenever “Levski” and CSKA face each other, he stops thinking about something else. It happened to him to be on stage and ask the audience how the match was developing.

“This will be a historic match,” said the actor. – “Blue” Bulgaria is facing the hardest part of all the tests – for the players, for the management and for the fans. The responsibility is huge. We went through all the circles of hell. We have reached a rise. It’s time for something good to happen to us. The boys on the field should defend these expectations. I’m afraid the players won’t overheat on the field. For me, “Levski” is already a champion. We achieved everything – unique support and loyalty to the team. CSKA does not need this cup. It’s a little easier for their opponent. They are calmer. There are no high expectations for them. The chorbadji should fine them the most. And our boys will be really hurt if they lose, “added Vargala.

Thumbs on Sunday for the “blues” will squeeze the colleagues of Vargala – Boyko Krastanov and Kiril Efremov. The two actors who played in “Undercover” are regularly spotted at “Gerena” and there is a chance that they have taken passes for the National Stadium.

Levski fan is also a legend in the theater Georgi Mamalev. The singers Gloria and Deborah also claim to be from “blue” Bulgaria. The musician Dicho also does not hide his passions and has repeatedly said that he is a fan of the team from “Gerena”.

Janeta Osipova will also not miss the spectacle between the eternal rivals. The playmate is not an avid sports fan, but according to her she cannot miss such a match.

Janeta Osipova

Janeta Osipova

“I will not keep my fingers crossed for anyone. I will watch it with my closest people. They are fans of” Levski “, admits Janeta.

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