Vaping exposes to dangerous concentrations of volatile particles

The smoke emitted by the Electronic cigarettesElectronic cigarettes exposes consumers to concentrations of smoke particles potentially dangerous to health according to a recent study published in Scientific Reports. Understanding how these particles are formed, their size and their nature could make it possible to limit their harmful effects.

To do this, the scientists observed the formation of fine particlesfine particles produced by electronic cigarettes as a function of time and this for several types of e-liquid. Two events are linked to the increase in the concentration of volatile particles: two to three seconds after the first puff and the second, four to five seconds later. During the first event, these are the concentrations of the particles of propylene glycol and glycerolglycerol which increase and, during the second, the concentrations of the aromatic molecules which flavor the inhaled smoke.

These findings support the need to develop strategies to discourage vaping among new users, adults, teens, and children, and to regulate the production and content of e-cigarettes used as quit smoking tools. », concludes Ilias G. Kavourasprofessor at the University of Birmingham in the United States and main author of this study.

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