Vanessa Martins pregnant? “The video denounced! It’s a pregnant belly…”

Last week, Vanessa Martins made some shares in Instagram stories that left some followers suspicious. This topic was discussed in ‘Alô Portugal’ this Friday, November 26, in which Filipa Torrinha Nunes and Mónica Sintra showed that they had no doubts about the businesswoman’s possible pregnancy.

This news is not confirmed yet, but it may be true. There is a woman in our square who really wants to be a mother who has talked about this many times, who has posted photographs and videos where there is a bump on her belly.“, began by stating Filipa Torrinha Nunes.

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Together with the community of this program, of women, who analyze pregnancies well, we unanimously agree that there is a possible pregnancy here. The woman who could be pregnant is Vanessa Martins“he added.

In turn, Mónica Sintra shows that she has no doubts: “This was the video that denounced! It’s a pregnant belly“.

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