Vanessa Martins makes a (small) ‘mistake’ and anticipates criticism: “Before they come to correct me…”

Vanessa Martins took advantage of the good weather to have lunch outside her house.

The businesswoman shared the lunch on social media and confessed: “For every Sunday lunch with grilled fish… I’ll have a bolognese because I don’t have to 😂”.

Shortly afterwards, Vanessa Martins noticed that she had made a ‘small’ grammatical error and anticipated criticism: “Calm down guys… I’ll correct you before they come to correct me without first thinking that it could have been the cell phone corrector”.

“Grilled* and not grilled. I happen to know how to write grilled. But sometimes I give errors and other times the cell phone gives errors. Conclusion: we all make mistakes, even the cell phone. And even the people who correct also make mistakes. Because herring is human. The other already said – he finished, in a joking tone.

Look here:

Vanessa Martins makes (small) ‘error’  and anticipates criticism: “Before they come to correct me…”

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