Vanessa Martins lets ‘escape’ image of new love(?) and fans shoot: “Ah naughty giving a glimpse of seconds”

Vanessa Martins took to social media this Sunday, November 20, to share a video of her weekend, which she says was “perfect”.

The influencer showed up on Costa Vicentina, at a luxury resort where she took the opportunity to rest and, fans believe, to date.

It has been suspected for some time that Vanessa Martins would have a new love, but the businesswoman has been trying to keep the alleged relationship discreet and away from the ‘spotlights’, however, it seems to be gradually showing that she has returned to love.

In the video I share of the place she chose to rest, Vanessa Martins showed some of the spaces of the resort where she was staying and also showed that she was not alone, by “letting slip” in an excerpt of the video images that show a man with a “suspicious watch” .

Fans, curious and at the same time happy for the businesswoman’s sharing, quickly commented not only on her publication but also on the publication of whom they believe to be her ‘new love’, David Soares, who is also shown on social networks in the same hotel.

Vanessa and David’s followers immediately associated and commented on the shares of both: “I especially liked the watch…. live life with love!”, “Ah naughty giving a glimpse of seconds .. whoever you are .. be happy kisses” , “Love never fails ❤️”reads in the publication by Vanessa Martins.

“Congratulations Vanessa. Good photo you took…”, “We are very attentive”, are some of the amusing comments that can be read in David Soares’ publication.

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